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Casa means home, and home is a place of safety, trust, and love!

Home is where we find a place to belong. For more than 30 years, Casa de Brinquedo has been a safe place responsible for providing learning, knowledge, holistic development, and thousands of opportunities for discovery for children to enhance their experiences and enrich their learning processes!

Casa de Brinquedo is a place of belonging!

We create memories, develop knowledge, and take care of each child in a personalized way. Children are the main character Casa de Brinquedo’s history, everything here has been designed with kindness and creativity to welcome and develop them. Casa offers spaces that have been personally planned, healthy meal menus, well-designed pedagogical projects, and, ludic (showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness), dynamic, and creative experiences.

Casa de Brinquedo’s purpose goes far beyond learning, it embraces all possibilities of welcoming, development, and care. Our programs demonstrate differential planning, capable of involving upbringing in an integrated way in the best practices of the bio, psycho, social, cognitive, and emotional aspects.

Pedagogical Proposal

Ludic Learning in early childhood education, playing is important!
Casa de Brinquedo knows that ludic is the basis for children’s thinking, self-discovery, and the possibilty of creating, experimenting, and transforming the world around them. Ludic learning can also be understood as a form of communication, where children express aspects of their personality when learning how to interact with the world of adults.
Children learn by playing, and are driven by ludic, the colorful, and the living. Your interest is piqued with incredible force when your curiosity is piqued. The games and stories in which they are involved create memories and, consequently, bring out effective learning that builds their knowledge and allows them to be who they are!

The incredible and curious world of children!
Imagine a world full of new things… colors to see, smells and flavors to sense, words to learn, textures to touch, and lots of new experiences! Can you imagine?

We know and communicate with this world. Here, your child will:

  • experience;
  • play;
  • live
  • learn;

And from all of that, enhance their knowledge! We prioritize ludic learning and use pedagogical actions to engage the children. We then develop the formalized recording process to cement their knowledge through their lived experiences.
Casa de Brinquedo has its pedagogical proposal focused on the world of children. Everything is designed and developed to incentivize and give space for children to grow, play, learn, evolve, and gain amazing experiences!

We create intelligent and creative childhood memories so the child is the main character in their story!

Pedagogical proposal, how everything happens

Casa de Brinquedo’s pedagogy counts on a bilingual project, which was based and developed on the different periods of child development.

Using creativity, knowledge, and ludic experiences, we develop our activities. For activities in English, we work with the Cotton Can methodology, developed specifically for teaching English to Brazilian children between ages 1 to 6.

The purpose of the pedagogical actions, created and developed by Casa de Brinquedo are well-defined and include: First, respect for individuality. Second, rhythm in establishing relationships withing the child’s environment. Third, how the child will interact when elaborating, building, or rebuilding their knowledge by themselves. Meanwhile, children are exposed to English in their games and activities, to learn the langugage in a natural and continuous way. At all times, contact and learning of the English language occurs naturally and continuously, in their games and activities.

Within this proposal, children have daily 30 minute English-immersion lessons in the afternoon, as well as an additional 30 minute lesson in the morning for children enrolled full-time.

Our work is based on studies by Piaget, Vygotsky, Emília Ferreiro and other names that have transformed education and follow a social-interactionist philosophy.

Interaction and Experience

A world of possibilities exist with the diverse indoor and outdoor spaces that have been designed and structured to make Casa’s purposes possible and real, everyday!
Casa has designed customized classrooms and rotating learning spaces to create a dynamic learning experience with changing environments to assist in accomplishing the pedagogical proposal’s objective.
Casa’s spaces are wide, cheerful, and colorful and include: classrooms, music room, library, mirror room, toy library, and outdoor spaces, such as playgrounds and a mini city. These spaces are aligned with the objectives at each step in the learning process.

At Casa de Brinquedo, the joy of playing and the importance of learning go hand in hand to promote holistic learning and a social-constructivist approach. After all, knowledge is a social construct resulting from the interactions between people.

Holistic vision

The eyes are the windows to the soul. The way we see people, activities, projects and places defines our perception about these things and how importante they will be in our world and in people’s lives.

Casa de Brinquedo has a holistic view of children and their particularities. The pedagogical proposal’s role, is to look at children with a holistic (not just fragmented) approach, children are much more than just students. Each child is a unique individual with emotions, talents, particularities, and vast potential.

In the educational context, a holistic approach is needed to create, form, and develop individuals who are responsible, conscious, creative, talented, and the protagonists of their own stories.

We know how to look at children as complete individuals with emotional and physical needs. We know how to look beyond the boundaries of the school and offer unique benefits and services that reach each family to provide security and ease for the day-to-day routine of parents and guardians.

Casa de Brinquedo promotes the development of a conscientious and promising outlook for its children, after all, we know that every child is a living message that we send to the future!


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